Shake it off

No, this isn’t about a Taylor Swift song.  Jesus gave counsel to His followers in this way in Mark 6: 11 But if any place refuses to welcome you or listen to you, shake its dust from your feet as you leave to show that you have abandoned those people to their fate.”

He had told them to be content staying in the home that invited them.  He had given them great power and authority to use in His name as they spread the Word about Him.  Now, He instructs them on what to do when they hear that powerful little two-letter word - NO.  

They were told to shake it off.  This was a jewish custom of the time that sent a powerful message.  If a person rejected them then they would also be rejected.  It was meant to cause them to see what they had done.  A follower of Jesus needs to be able to shake it off today as well.  

When we shake it off we don’t stop doing what Jesus said just because we encounter negativism.  When we shake it off we hold on to the frustration that can come from not being accepted.  When we shake it off we move on to a person/home/community that may receive us (or the message of The Gospel) more positively.  

If Jesus hadn’t shook off some negative encounters we wouldn’t have salvation in His name.  If your parents hadn’t shook off some negative encounters you wouldn’t have ever got past the ‘terrible two’s’.  

Warning - just because Jesus gave them instruction on how to do this does not nullify any of His teachings of how to respond to an enemy or how to express love to those who disagree with you.  We never have permission to do things without love and grace.