Our Job As Believers

Today’s devotional thought comes from our own Jeremiah Ward.  He is a member of The Way and is also serving as our local summer intern and directing many of the activities that will be going on at Washington Park this summer.  His devotional is a great reminder of the job/commission we are given!

Mark 6:12-13 (NLT) So the Disciples went out, telling everyone to repent of their sins and to turn to God. And the Cast out many demons and healed many sick people, anointing them with olive oil.

Jesus gave the disciples a task and they obediently went out from Him to teach, heal, and cast out demons in the name of the Lord. The text does not say if they were scared or reluctant to do so.  However, they were all human, as shown many times throughout the Gospels, all the way up to Jesus being crucified.  From this we can infer that, like ourselves, one or two of them may have very well been reluctant to go out and share the Gospel with others.

We as believers are called to do the same, sometimes we decide to run from our calling. For instance, I ran for a decade from His calling for me.  I’m not saying that we are all called to be Pastors. What I am saying is that Jesus calls us today to share His Word with the people around us. Jesus has given us the ability to show His love and grace to the people around us. Which is almost a super power in today’s society.

Our challenge from Jesus ,as believers in Him, is to share His Word in our everyday lives. We may need to share at our place of employment or during a random encounter with someone within the course of our day. If we trust and believe in the words of Jesus then a quick prayer to not mess things up may be in order. Then going forward and sharing His Word, even though we may be reluctant or afraid, is the only course that we have.