Our text for the week is found in two locations - Mark 7:1-23 & Matthew 15:1-20. For today’s devotional time, I ask you to read both texts…you can find links to them here:

Today, I want you to consider the values you hold when it comes to traditions in your life.  We all have certain traditions.  Some of them are very important.  Others may seem quirky. The religious leaders of the day had become very focused upon their traditions.  So focused, in fact, that they missed God’s Plan for them and their people.  Could a tradition that I hold keep me from seeing God at work today?  Could a tradition you hold keep you away from God’s Plan for your life?  We can each be creatures of habit.  We can seek out routine and normalcy.  Those things have their place but not when/if they serve to blind us to the spiritual.  

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