Getting Right or Getting Left

The first part of this week’s Jesus encounter (from Mark 7:24-30 and Matthew 15:21-28) will really make you think:

'And from there He arose and went away from there and withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon.' 

As I read this opening statement, I am struck by the words ‘went away’ and ‘withdrew’.  Jesus ‘LEFT’ the area where He had been ministering and went to a foreign area.  The people had seen Him do mighty things and had heard Him proclaim powerful truths that would change their life - now and forever - if they would follow Him.  Some did follow.  Most did not.  Jesus left them at this point in His ministry.  Many of them might never see Him again!  How did they respond?  Did they get right with God before Jesus left the area?  Did they consider that He was the Son of God that would take away the sin of the world or did they shrug and move on?  

Some people chose to ignore Him in spite of all His love, power and truth.  They became callous and even opposed Him.  They thought their way was right.  Check out Proverbs 14:12 sometime.  They got left.

Some chose to wait and hear Jesus another day…maybe a time that was more convenient.  Then Jesus left the area and they didn’t hear Him again.  

Others, maybe a minority, chose to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.  They chose to ‘get right with God’ through trusting Jesus.  Jesus may have left the area but He never left and never forsook them.  He would be with them always!  

How have you responded to the message of Jesus?  Maybe it is time for you to ‘get right’ so that you never have to fear ‘getting left’.  

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