Where is God when (Fill in the blank)?

Where is God when I feel alone?  Where is God when I need Him most?  Where is God when I don’t see evidence of Him?  Where is God when I don’t feel Him?  Where is God when (fill in the blank)?

This is a question of faith and is a question that most every person has asked aloud of wondered silently.  We want God when we need Him and where we need Him.  This week we will look at Mark 6:45-52 (http://www.esvbible.org/Mark%206%3A45-52/) and work through how to respond to these questions.  In the process we will build our faith by learning how God would desire us to respond to this type of question and how we can be confident in Him and faithful to Him.  

For Today, just read the text and answer the question “Where was Jesus during this time?”  See what that reveals to you.  Ask yourself how that might apply to one of the question you have asked about God.  

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