Where is God when I don't feel Him?

We often take our feelings as proof of reality.  That seeps into our spiritual life when we worry about God’s presence because we don’t feel Him.  There is an old song called ‘more than a feeling’. The Christian life is also much more than a feeling.  

The disciples had been put on the boat in our key text this week (Mark 6:45-52).The text teaches us that 'He saw that they were making headway painfully, for the wind was against them’ (Mark 6:48).  The feelings these men had were of toil, struggle, wind and wave. Life circumstances can tend to be so ‘loud’ in our mind that we don’t feel or hear much of anything else.  When our circumstances control our feelings we can begin to act out in strange ways.  For example, in Exodus 32 we encounter 2 million people whom God has rescued out of slavery by sending Moses (and 10 horrific plagues) to deliver them.  As they are traveling in their new-found freedom, they get antsy because they haven’t seen Moses lately and don’t feel the ‘good vibes’ they think they should.  They end up making a golden calf to be their God.  Get that, emotion led them to replace the One True God who had just set them free.  Emotion led them to celebrate the slavery they had just spent generations crying out to be free from.  

Do your emotions wreak havoc on your world?  Do you find yourself being led around by uncontrollable feelings?  At the same time, does your spiritual life suffer because you desire more ‘feeling’ than you have.  There is a promise in James 4:8 that says ‘Draw near to God and He will draw near to you’.  

My wife and I sleep in a King sized bed.  Sometimes there is enough room in-between us in that big bed that I don’t feel my wife over on the other side.  Un-knowingly, and in my sleep, I have retreated over to the edge and have drawn away from her. To change that I must draw near to her.  Maybe you have un-knowingly drifted away from God.  His promise is that He will draw near to you if you draw near to Him.  Faith is ‘more than a feeling’.  You don’t have to try and draw near and see if you feel anything different.  You can draw near and know that His promise is to draw near to you.  Today!

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