Mark 8:11-21

This week we get to study this great Bible text in Mark 8:11-21 - - Check it out.  Today, spend a few moments in the text and allow God to speak to you about it.  After you have done that, here are a few key thoughts to get you thinking and looking deeper on this beautiful Monday morning!

Evidence - when is there ever enough evidence to fully satisfy us in our question for understanding.  We will talk about this on Tuesday.

Beware - Not exactly a list of don’t do’s but what are the things God would tell us to beware or to watch out for…and why?  We will talk about this Wednesday.

Understand - How can we ensure we are picking up all that God is laying down (and others for that matter).  We will talk about this Thursday. 

Remember - In some cases it is best to forget but what is important to remember…and why?  This will be our topic on Friday.

Our Bible text addresses these topics and many more.  Allow God’s Spirit to guide you to the one’s just for you this week.  If you will, send me ‘the one for you’ so I know how to pray for you along the way.  Mine is one of the four…Remember. 

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