Having eyes do you not see...

To be blind would be an incredibly difficult thing to deal with...you would certainly rely upon different senses to function.  You might also rely more upon others.  In this week's Bible text we read of a man who is blind.  You can check it out in Mark 8:22-26 in your Bible or you can click here to read it online: http://www.esvbible.org/Mark%208%3A22-26/ 

As you meditate on these verses today, think back to last week's Bible text when Jesus was talking to His closest followers.  They weren't understanding what He was saying so He asked them 'Having eyes do you not see?'.  

Obviously, the disciples had physical sight.  They just weren't seeing the full picture of what Jesus wanted them to understand.  So, sight isn't just physical is it?  Might there be areas of your life that are still seeing fuzzy or not at all?  As we look into this great encounter with Jesus this week let's let the God of the universe bring us to full sight and full understanding!