Who do you say Jesus is...It's The Resurrection Silly

The #1 Reason for my confidence in Jesus being who He said He was (God in the flesh) is what He did a few days after His death on the Cross.  He chose to give His life as a sacrifice and then He chose to take up His life again…leaving death and sin in the grave.  Wow.  

Some people follow Buddha.  He died and remains that way.  Some follow Mohammed.  He died and remains that way.  I follow Jesus.  He died and came back to life.  That is my ultimate confidence and why my faith resides on Him for salvation.  Good people may die for someone (a war hero, etc.).  That does prove great love.  Nobody comes back to prove their nature.  Jesus did.  

My faith is bolstered by Jesus great love for a sinner like me but that wouldn’t be enough if He hadn’t risen from the dead.

My faith grows in Jesus the closer I get to Him but that wouldn’t be anything if He hadn’t risen from the dead. 

My faith in Jesus is helped as I see how all the ‘math’ works…in that He said what He did…but it just wouldn’t matter if He hadn’t risen from the dead.  

When Jesus came out of the tomb He redeemed me from the curse of sin forever.  I say Jesus is God.  What do you say? 

You can read this week’s Bible text here:

Mark 8:27-30 - http://www.esvbible.org/Mark%208%3A27-30/

Matthew 16:13-20 - http://www.esvbible.org/Matthew%2016%3A13-20/

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