To Regress

I used to try to run.  I liked to run short distances but the longer ones were always difficult.  I didn’t know how to pace myself so I would end up fading after a short time.  I started strong but then regressed quickly.  To regress is to fall back to where you were before, slow down or even turn around completely.  This week’s Bible text centers on a HUGE regression. Read it here: - Mark 8:31-33 - Matthew 16:21-23

There are many things to discuss in this passage but for today…have you ever ‘fell back to where you were before’?  Peter has just made a world-changing statement about who Jesus is (The Christ - The Son of The Living God) and the next statement out of his mouth is a rebuke of the One whom He says is The Messiah.  That’s a pretty public and pretty drastic regression.  Maybe your fall isn’t as obvious as Peter’s but you can still sense a regression.  This could be in your work ethic, your commitment to a relationship or a part of your faith in God through Jesus.  How do you respond when you have regressed.  Some regress further.  Some ignore it.  Others don’t respond until they are rebuked and when they finally do respond it is negative.  What about you?  Are there things in your life that need to progress instead of regress?  What direction is your faith in God headed?

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