Field of Folks

Jesus also said, “The Kingdom of God is like a farmer who scatters seed on the ground.”  Mark 4:26

A farmer wouldn’t get much done without a place to plant his seed.  To bear fruit the farmer chooses and prepares a specific piece of ground to receive seed and then cares for it (watering, weeding, etc.) while that seed hopefully grows underneath.  

Jesus tells this Kingdom Parable to help us get the picture that our calling is to scatter and plant seed.  Of course, He isn’t talking about wheat but about the seeds of God’s Word: “The farmer plants seed by taking God’s Word to others’. Mark 4:14

Consider today what field God has given to you.  Make no mistake.  It is a gracious gift given by Him to you for the purpose of scattering seed.  Your field will certainly include where you live (your neighbors, family, etc.).  It will include where you work and/or go to school (co-workers, school-mates, etc.).  It will also include where you play and spend time with your hobbies and recreation (hiking buddy, shopping friend, etc.).  

The field of folks in your life might only get God’s Word from you.  Give it to them with loving care.  Show it to them with grace and mercy.  Prayerfully attend to your field as though it is the only field you might ever have and pray that God would bear fruit within it.