Seed in - Seed Out

Jesus equated our role of taking God's Word to others to a farmer scattering seed in Mark 4:14. It is the primary job of a farmer who wants to bear a crop and it is the primary job of a disciple who wants to bear fruit for Jesus in their life. 

With all of the worries a farmer can have, they are all compounded if the seed hasn't been scattered. It matters not if he has a beautifully cultivated field...without seed it produces no harvest. It matters not what type of weather...without seed it produces no harvest. 

This is why planting season is considered the most important for a farmer and this is why the illustration is so vital for us as growing disciples. In this broken world, God made us planters before He made us harvesters. 

I can't plant something I don't have. When I go to the garden in planting season I want plenty of seed. When I know that I'm going to plant the seeds of God's Word then I know I better have a bevy of God's Word readily available. Seed in - seed out. Whatever is sown into your heart and mind will be available to go out as scattered seed into the field of your life. Here is a good seed for you today:

John 15:8 - When you produce much fruit, you are my true disciples. This brings great glory to my Father.