Soul Invasion

The difference between present-day Christianity and the Biblical New Testament accounts, is that today for many it is primarily a performance and to them it was a real experience. We are apt to reduce the Christian faith to a code or, at best, a rule of heart and life. To those who lived out 'The Acts of The Apostles' it was more of an invasion of their lives by a new quality of life together. They do not hesitate to describe this as Christ living in them.

That is the Power of the Holy Spirit...Christ in you...the Mind of Christ. All the power of God available to live in you and guide you into all truth. It is promised by the resurrected Jesus before He ascends to The Father in Acts 1:8.

That promise comes to you as your surrender the rights of your life to God and ask Him to take over. You Let Him.

Let The Holy Spirit guide your lives... - Galatians 5:16