I believe that absolute moral and spiritual truth exist and that it is intended for my life. This is found in the Bible therefore I will adopt a Biblical Worldview thru study and devotion to God and His Word.

This is my belief and is a great comfort to me.  Since I believe this way, the truth of God’s Word serves as an anchor for my soul.  When I’m down, I go to His Word.  When I’m up, I go to His Word.  Where do you go in times of trouble?  

I’m so excited to start a new adventure in just a few short weeks.  Will you prayerfully consider starting it with me? Many have never read all of the scriptures…so we are going to do it together.  Daunting?  Yes, I know…but we are going to do so in a way that anyone can do it with success.  I have broken up the readings into 5 weekly readings (monday-friday) of about 16 minutes per day.  It will take us 3 years.  The most exciting part is we will read it in the order of actual events (Chronologically).  We will even use our times together to dig into it in this fashion.  I’ll preach out of the text that we will read the following week. We will meet in groups to read and discuss it.  

This will begin on January 1, 2017.  What a New Year Opportunity!  We are calling it the 3:16 plan (3 years, 16 minutes per day).  What a worthwhile thing to do.  For us to have a Biblical Worldview we must have a great knowledge of the Author of the Bible - God Himself.  We come to Know Him better thru study of the Book He has given us.  Join me? 

Did you know that over 80% of Americans have never completed the Bible?  Many have tried and then quit.  I did this several times before I finally did complete it years ago.  Do something rare!  Invite someone to do this with you.  Do it as a family, couple, group, etc…establish your hearts upon this absolute truth.  It is intended for your life!

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