What Happens at a Weekly Worship Time at WindCity Church - The Church in the Casper Eastridge Mall

What happens at a 9am Gathering at WindCity Church? Good question.  We all like to have an idea of what we are walking in to...this post will help you know what a typical Sunday morning with WindCity Church looks like.


We meet in the Eastridge Mall in Casper.  Our facility is right across the hallway from the Hibachi Chinese buffet and very near Sears.  Just come right inside ...we are a 'Come As You Are' group of folks so don't worry about dress code and other such things...Our greeters will show you around and you will start in our cozy lobby where you will find fresh coffee, tea, juice and water...and some smiling faces. 

If you have children 3 and under our greeters can also show you to our Nursery that is staffed by wonderful volunteers that are part of our church family and have gone through background checks (you are more than welcome to keep your child with you if that makes you more comfortable). The kids between 3-9 years can stay with you for the whole time or they have the opportunity to go to 'Kids Church' where they will have fun, do crafts and have an age appropriate Bible Lesson. This time begins after the first few songs and lasts until the worship gathering has concluded so that you can pick them up directly afterwards. Speaking of songs, we have two wonderful worship teams that take turns each week.  Each of them does an excellent job of leading us in worship.  


While the kids are having a blast at Kids Church, youth and adults will dig into The Bible for a practical teaching from God's Word for us!  We are currently going through the entire bible chronologically and have just started  going through the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) where we will focus on the life and ministry of Jesus. 

After the Message, we sing some more and give plenty of time to pray and consider the implications of the message for our lives.  A typical service lasts about 70 minutes. Maybe this answers your questions or maybe it causes you to ask others.  Check out our Beliefs page and feel free to contact us anytime (using the below form) and we look forward to seeing you at 9:00am.

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