Share & Share Alike

I grew up as the older brother.  That means I had a few years where I was the only child.  It must have established a certain level of comfort that ‘my stuff’ was ‘mine’.  Then young Paul came on the scene and we had to learn to share.  Toys, second helpings, etc…life was all of a sudden a communal venture. This was not a bad thing yet I often struggled with the ‘share and share alike’ concept.  Looking at today’s Bible verse, we see that the first church were good sharers:

Acts 2:44 And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had.

This inspires me to look at sharing differently.  Rather than my natural greediness I want to be willing to look at ‘my stuff’ no longer as ‘mine’ but The Lord’s.  That is a leap especially in areas of ‘stuff’ that are important to me.  Guess what - the more important to me may be something that is in competition for my affections - dangerous.

These believers were not wealthy.  They did not have near the excess that I do yet the shared not just ‘some things’ but ‘everything’.  Why?  They had just watched/heard about their Savior sharing His Everything/His Life so that they could receive the greatest gift - salvation.  Jesus’ great sacrifice inspired them.  I want it to inspire me.  Does it inspire you?  

We are headed into the holidays.  Stuff dominates advertising.  Lists of wants are handed out.  What if, instead, we shared our stuff.  Out of the abundance of our blessings we become abundant sharers.  I like it!