The Morning After

After a busy election night I am certain of only a few things:


1. Our mission as followers of Jesus hasn’t changed a bit.  We still want to see His Love, Grace, Peace and Salvation be on Earth as it is in Heaven.  

2. Our nation hasn’t fundamentally changed overnight.  We just put to paper what we (collectively) already wanted, thought we needed or deserved.  The change comes after a while.  If indeed it is what we deserved and that means something negative then see #3. 

3. Our call to pray for one another has not risen (it’s always been there) but it’s emphasis will.  Let us strike while the iron is hot by doing spiritual battle upon our knees.  Let us begin by praying for our nation’s new president and the many other elected officials whether they be blue, red or polka-dotted. 

4. The Church is still the vehicle to carry the hope of Jesus to the world and it will take the whole church to do it well. That means we should and can engage with all of our being through our faith families words and actions! 

5. I’m encouraged.  Was it a tense season as we looked at the ‘what if’s’?  Yes.  Is Jesus still the King of the heart of the true follower of Him?  Yes.  Do we have a new leader in a country that needs Him?  Yes. 

6. Although America is a prominent nation in the Global landscape, most of the world didn’t get to even look up to notice our electoral plight.  They had their heads buried in poverty, injustice and darkness.  Not that they should be looking…but we should…that’s the point. 

6. So, not much has actually changed but it should.  My attitude towards the urgency of our calling as Christians must change. I bet yours could use a jolt in the backside as well.  Let’s be about our Father’s Business together for the Gospel!

Ephesians 5:15-17 - Be very careful how you live and make the most of every opportunity...