1 John Chapter 4

Read 1 John Chapter 4 today: https://www.blueletterbible.org/tools/MultiVerse.cfm?s=0004xQ

We see two sides of the Knowing Relationship.  First, we see that as a follower of Jesus we will know that someone else is following the True Christ when they acknowledge the truth about Jesus (Verse 3).  This is basically a testing of spirits so you can know when a person is genuine.  Second, a person should be able to look at you as a follower of Jesus (even if they are not) and Know that you follow Him because of the evident love that flows from you into the world (verse 11-12).  

Do you have the proof of knowing God in this way?

We see the two sides of the Loving Relationship.  First, we can see that God’s Love is proved to us through the great sacrifice of Jesus (verse 10).  This is the ultimate love in all of creation.  Second, We may extend that sacrificial love to others as proof that we know God (verse 12).  

Is the great love of God in Jesus evident in your life by the way you walk in His love?  

We see two sides of Life.  First, we see eternal life is the gift of God given out of His love to those who know Him through His Son Jesus (verse 9).  Second, we see that we ourselves can live in God daily as we place our trust in His Love (Verse 16).  

Are you living in His love daily?  

Knowing (Light), Loving and Serving (Life).  That is our calling.