Biblical Leadership - Part One

Does the Bible tell us how to select and elect leaders?  Yes!  

The Nation of Israel had a huge leadership deficit after they had been delivered by God out of slavery in Egypt.  They needed help to raise up people to hold offices of leadership.  In Exodus 18:21 a man named Jethro gives a wonderful set of four qualities to observe in a person before we would elevate them into a place of influence:

Look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people…

Today, let’s look at the first two qualities:  

#1 - Able - In looking for a person to lead, you obviously want a person who has strong ability.  How do you evaluate that?  You look at their track record (not what they say they have done but what they have actually done).  Are they experienced to lead well? Do their abilities match the role that needs filled?  

#2 - Fear God - Does the person have a healthy view of the God of the Universe?  Do they fear, revere & follow God through a relationship with Jesus Christ?  Does that relationship guide their actions?  Again, to evaluate this one you must look at past actions rather than words only.  

Notice that a person that has tons of ability but doesn’t fear God can easily fall into the trap of acting like God themselves.  

Remember that a person who does fear God but doesn’t have the ability is not the best choice either (for instance, I fear God but wouldn’t have the track record and experience to be voted in as president).  

These are two great measurements when voting.  These are two great measurements when growing as a leader personally.  Pray that God will elevate people into roles of authority that are able and that fear Him.  Pray that God will make you able to serve in your role (in your home, job, etc.) as you strive to live as a Christ-Follower.