Markan Apacolypse

We started our ‘Hope in Troubled Times’ series from Mark 13 yesterday and I’m so excited about the coming weeks!

Today, as you kick off a new week, simply read Mark 13 (it should take about 4-5 minutes) 

A key factor in understanding this passage best is to recognize that Jesus give prophetic glimpses of near events and also of events that would take place much further in the future.  Think of it this way.  Have you ever driven up I-25 and looked at the Big Horn Mountains on your left?  (see picture)  From that view it looks like you are seeing mountains that are right up against one another as one peak just rises up behind the next.  However, if you were to climb the first one you would see that there is a great distance between each.  This is similar to what is happening in Mark 13.  For instance, Jesus spends some time talking about the destruction of Jerusalem that would happen about 40 years after He spoke about it.  In the same discourse He would talk about things that we have yet to see happen.  As you read the chapter you might try and categorize those as it will help you sort thru the teaching.  

Also, keep this in mind - Jesus didn’t just want us to have an idea about what was coming - no, Jesus gave us insight into future events so we would know how to live in the present.  That’s a great question to ask yourself as you read this chapter.  How should this effect my living today?  Happy Reading: