This week our Missional Communities meet together in homes and restaurants around Casper.  In the midst of fellowship and food we will be digging into the first three chapters of The Book of Romans and discussing the reality of our neediness.  Specifically, our need for salvation because of the problem of sin.  

Sin is discounted with many people in today’s culture.  Why?  Sin is a concept that comes from moral absolutism.  In other words, to accept the idea of sin then we must accept the idea that there is something/someone who lays out a path for right/wrong.  As a person who has adopted a Biblical Worldview, I believe that someone is a Holy God who has created you and I to serve Him and that when we choose not to do so then we fall into the spiritually neglectful place of sin. 

Romans 3 is a foundational chapter about sin.  Specifically, Romans 3:23:

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Join us in one of five locations/times this week to dig into this vital Christian doctrine.