You Have What You Need

Johannes reminds us today that we are equipped with what we need to do what we have been commanded!

Sunday we heard how Jesus commissioned His people to go tell the world about him…..And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations. (Mark 13:10 ESV)

This is a big task and I can already hear some of you saying I can’t do that. That is only for pastors. I did not go to seminary or even a Christian school. The list goes on of all the things we say out of fear or because we feel inadequate to do this. Let’s face it folks...when you share the gospel you share something that cause someone to change what they have always done and to give their life over to a superior being. This can be scary and something that they could take out on you personally if they don’t like what they hear.

So who did God call to do this and how do you get equipped?

Number 1 – God called all believers to share the good news and this life changing and life giving story called the Gospel.

Let me give you some examples from the bible.

1>  A man named Legion we read about in Luke 8:26-39 after Jesus cast out the demons. On Jesus command, Legion stayed on the island and went and told everyone about Jesus.

2> The woman at the well we read about in John 4. After her encounter she went and told many.

3> The same goes for the leper we read about in Luke 17. After he thanked Jesus, he went and told what had happened to him.

This is just three examples of ordinary people that had an encounter with Jesus Christ. Nowhere does it say after that they attended seminary or a Christian college so they can have a degree before they tell people. The one thing that they have in common with everyone that accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior is that they have been filled with the power of God in the form of the Holy Spirit.

#1 - So point one in sharing the greatest news (the gospel) is that the Holy Spirit lives in all who believe so let his power work through you. This is Christ living in us.

#2 - The second is that you need to have a close relationship with Jesus. How do you do that and grow in the knowledge of who He is? Study your Bible!! I want to strongly encourage you to make time each day to study your Bible and I do say Bible...not one of the many books on the shelf that writes about the Bible. Read the real thing. This is the holy and inspired word of God and while you read it He reveals his truths to you and you get to know Him better.

#3 - The third thing is to personally spend time with Him. How do you get close to people? Like the kind of person that you share your deepest secrets to or the person that knows you better than yourself and you know them that way also…?  It is not through text messages or Facebook. No, my friends, you spend lots of time with them. How do you do this with Jesus Christ? Pray! When you pray you are talking directly to the God and you learn to share your heart and also open yours to receive what He wants you to hear. The more you do it the sweeter that time gets. I want to encourage you to make time daily to have uninterrupted prayer to the Father.

If you follow these steps and remember that Christ lives in you it will make sharing about Him something that comes natural to you.

Now Go and Tell This Great News to all who will listen! The Gospel Brings Hope to a Broken World!