A Better Elder Sibling

As Johannes pointed out in his devotion on Wednesday, The Elder Son in the story of The Prodigal was quite a character - http://www.esvbible.org/Luke%2015%3A11-32/ 

He never lost a nickel…was not asked to do anything more than normal…yet he was bitter and angst-filled towards the younger son and even towards the Father.  

Why?  Could it be because he was not doing what he was supposed to do?  You see, as the Elder Son, he had a responsibility.  He was not only the primogeniture (first in line for the inheritance), he was also the first in line to reconcile and recover family and property in case of emergency.  

This means that he would have carried a responsibility to go and find this young son when he went astray and didn’t return.  He had shirked his responsibility.  

We often see that people become frustrated and even bitter when they aren’t doing what they are supposed to do.  They know they are falling short and rather than change they would rather blame someone else for the way they feel.  

As a Christ-Follower, I am inspired by this story and this nugget of truth.  As a person who has been given an eternal inheritance in Christ, I have the opportunity to go and share and do all I can to see the ‘younger children of the world’ come to know the same grace and mercy that I have.  If I do, then I can celebrate at the feast of God with new brothers and sisters.  When I don’t, I can go down a slippery slope of disobedience.  

Let’s be better ‘Bigger Siblings’ than this man’s example.