Day After Day

Jesus said this in Mark 14:49 while He was being arrested the night before His crucifixion:

Day after day I was with you in the temple teaching...(Mark 14:49 ESV)

This reminds me of the steady and persistent grace of God. Jesus had given humanity a myriad of opportunities to hear and see His message and even now was teaching. Here is a quick journey thru my favorite three ‘temple teachings’ of Jesus ‘Day by Day’ teaching:

1. The Widow’s Offering - Mark 12:41-44 - Jesus sat in the temple and watched this poor women give an extravagant gift as an act of worship. He taught all who would listen that it isn’t about the size of the gift but is about the intent of the giver.

2. Wisdom Beyond Years - Luke 2:41-51 - As a 12 year old, Jesus taught the religious leaders in the temple with wisdom. He asked questions and likely challenged religious thinking even then.

3. Cleansing The Temple - Mark 11:15-19 - Jesus removes all the ‘business’ from the temple and reminds the people that the temple is for worship and prayer not profit.

Here is the beauty, Jesus still teaches Day by Day in the Temple. 1 Corinthians 6:19 teaches us that we are now the temple of God (our bodies). By His Spirit and by His Word, He teaches us daily! Enjoy the teaching of Jesus today!