Be Still Would Ya

We are always on the move…busy, busy, busy.  We like to be known as ‘get it done’ kind of folks.  How do you do when you are told to stop?  As we read Psalm 46:10 we see that sometimes God calls us to stillness rather than hyperactivity:

‘Be Still and Know that I Am God’.  

You have probably done this yourself.  Maybe your child has been hyperactive and couldn’t pay attention to what you were telling them so you say ‘Be still would ya’.  Why?  So they can hear and know your desire for them.  

In this week’s Bible text we are with Jesus on the last night of His earthly ministry.  As He and three of the disciples head to a familiar garden we read:

And they went to a place called Gethsemane. And he said to his disciples, “Sit here while I pray.” Mark 14:32 ESV

Interesting.  Three busy disciples told by God The Son to sit and wait while Jesus does the heavy lifting of prayer.  What a message.  God often tells us that we will know Him best when we stop moving and pay attention.  Is this a word for you today?  Does the frantic pace of your life cause you to blow right past the glimpses of glory God desires to show you?  Maybe you feel you have to go and fix something right now but God is telling you to be still and watch Him deal with that circumstance in a way you never could…

Be Still - Sit Here - You may see the closeness of God in a way you never have!