A Hair in your Biscuit

A hair in your biscuit

Submit yourselves therefore to God. fResist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

I was reminded once again this week by looking at a friends life that is about to say yes to full time ministry that the statement is so true “The closer you get to the fire the hotter it gets” 

Satan calls out his demons and even the ones the ones that he has on reserve try to break this cycle of making decisions to follow Jesus in a bolder fashion. Satan is throwing a hissy fit and will try everything in his power to break you.

I want to let you in on a conversation from a morning bible study between some friends in NC. 

We met at a fast food restaurant early and discussed the word as we enjoyed breakfast. 

One of my friends asked the question, “Lets say you discover a hair in your biscuit what would you do? Here are three options to choose from.

  1. Start throwing up immediately 
  2. Don't say anything and just silently throw it away 
  3. Tear of the piece off and keep eating.”

Well my response was to just break the piece off that had a hair in it and keep eating. Don't focus on the hair and miss out on a fine biscuit. I would say that most of you would have picked number one or two in this situation.

There is a neat analogy in this situation.  When you choose to stand up and be bold for Christ, Satan usually places something in your life trying to get you derailed. I want to tell you that he is good at it. Satan normally picks something that hits you where it hurts. When this happens, you put all your focus on the issue Satan created while you miss all the opportunities that to serve God. 

In todays text we see that if we stand firm in Jesus’ name, instead of standing down, he may run away (flee) from you! 

I want to encourage you today to take your focus off of the “hair” in your life and start digging into that fine “biscuit” God prepares for you everyday.  Go and live that abundant life in Christ and stick your tongue out at the Devil as he flees from you in Jesus’ name!