The Freezer/Cooler & Failure

You may know that I was an employee for Sams Club (both in Arkansas and in Casper, WY).  At one point I was a new team leader of the Freezer/Cooler Section.  My Club Manager told me that I could make most any mistake except to fail to rotate the stock so that the oldest goods where on the outside of the display cases.  I dutifully did this rotation and then began assigning the rotation to my team.  It was a shocking day when I walked thru the inventory after a few weeks and discovered they had not rotated the stock effectively.  I had failed at the one thing my manager told me was most important.  I felt like quitting out of embarrassment.  I went and told my manager and we walked thru to discover almost $50,000 in bad stock that had to be discarded.  Ouch.  Do you know what he said to me?  He let me know that he and his club had just paid for a valuable education for me and he hoped that I had learned from it.  He didn't fire me...instead he wanted a better employee to arise out of that failure!  

I expect that everyone reading this has had a time of failure before.  Some of you may have dusted yourself off and got back at it.  Some of you may have decided not to ever try again.  As we devote time to God's Word this week, I pray that we can each be inspired to fail forward into God's Grace rather than fail backward into the ruts of sin or neglect.  Our primary Bible text will be Acts Chapter 9.  You can read it all by clicking this link: