3:16 Plan - Day Three - Week Two - Year One - Genesis 15-16

Have you ever got ahead of Almighty God?

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Lord, thank You that I can be part of your family because of the blessing of Israel (Jesus). 


Genesis 15-16 -  



Notice that God had promised Abram to be the father of a great nation and Abram asks the natural question? But, what about this parenting at 100 biz? Sometimes our most faithful position is to trust God to do the impossible even when all we can see is the practical. After all it is Abram's faith in the supernatural power of God that allows Him to be counted in right standing.

Chapter 16 could be titled 'putting the cart ahead of the horse'. Sadly, Abram and Sarai decided they needed to help God with His plan of blessing. It starts a huge family mess that makes the Hatfield's and McCoy's seem civil. When considering if God needs our help we should consider if He has asked us to do whatever it is or if it is our scheme or plan...and note for us guys: it's likely never a good idea to even consider a suggestion like the one in this chapter!


Lord, help me to wait on you when I should as well as know when to act.

Extra Discovery

Genesis 15:13 will become important in the late chapters of Genesis and the early chapters of Exodus. Consider how perseverance can bring a person into position to call out to God.


Was Abram Misled here? Yes! Are God’s Covenant Promises pointing to a day when Christ will Mend all of humanity by His sacrifice on the Cross - yes!