3:16 Plan - Day 5 - Week 2 - Year One - Genesis 19-20

Have you ever stayed too long when God said get out?

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Lord, keep me aware of your guiding hand and help me to not look back when you have more to show me of yourself by looking to you.

Read - Genesis 19-20



So which is it? Is God a God of justice or of love? To know Him is to know that He is both. Thankfully His grace keeps us from experiencing our own burning cities but we must be ever-mindful of the eternal judgment He is storing up against sin and all who do not choose Him and His way of salvation through Jesus Christ Alone!

Lot’s life is a shameful reminder of our slowness of heart and mind. After being rescued from utter destruction he enters into immoral behavior with his daughters and brings about two people groups who would hinder God's people for generations. Let's not test the grace of God by continuing to plummet deeper into sin even after He provides grace after grace.

Chapter 20 shows Abraham's humanity and imperfections as well...still scheming for safety rather than trusting God who has provided all along. This is a powerful challenge to us to let our faith grow!


Lord help me to have the kind of faith that leaves when you say go and trusts when you say so!

Extra Discovery

Go back to Genesis 12 and see that this was Abraham's second run at the 'she's my sister' plan. Thankfully God protected Sarah's purity even when her husband certainly put her in harms way!


More misleading on every front with many consequences as such.