3:16 Plan - Day 5 - Week 3 - Year One - Genesis 29-30

Hard work and craftiness can both produce rewards but craftiness can carry ill consequences. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Psalm 119:41 49 Remember your promise to me; it is my only hope.

Lord, help my only hope to be in You today.  Revive me with today’s Word. 

Read - Genesis 29-30



Here we see God Blessing a person who has been a deceiver and a cheat.  Then Jacob then has to deal with being deceived (Laban giving him Leah first). You can expect to encounter the same sins you struggle with…

Here we see polygamy in the Scriptures.  Was this God’s will?  No, never is it shown as being part of God’s Plan.  Does God bless people in spite of it.  Yes.  From these four women, the 12 tribes of Israel would be born and eventually the Savior - Jesus.  However, just in case you want to use this as license to sin, remember that Jacob’s life was a struggle with this issue all along…fighting, etc.  Do we see a glimpse of God’s permissive will versus His perfect will here?  Three of these children are most notable:

Judah - Jesus would eventually come through this family line.

Levi - The Priests (Levites) would come through this family line.

Joseph - God would rescue the entire tribe of Israel through him.


Lord, I thank you for your grace but ask you to help me to follow your perfect will instead of falling into my own will and way. 

Extra Discovery

For those of you curious in the breeding of Jacob’s sheep and the color patterns, here is an interesting article with a mixture of biblical and scientific thinking to ponder: 



Certainly, we see the line of Jesus coming forward with Leah’s birth of Judah.  This is a step towards the Mending by Christ and His Cross.  However, we also see the ongoing struggles of man’s Marring by Sin through the deception and inter-family struggle between Jacob and his wives and Jacob and his Father-In-Law.