3:16 Plan - Day 1 - Week 4 - Year 1 - Genesis 31-32

When our past comes calling, we often have to choke down a mixture of humble pie and crow. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Psalm 119:55 I reflect at night on who you are, O LORD; therefore, I obey your instructions.

Lord, help me to reflect on Your word and who You are…both night and day. 

Read - Genesis 31-32 - 



Often times, God’s Blessings can be seen by others in a poor light.  Jealousy can arise when you are blessed with something that another is not.  The appropriate way to handle such times is to point to God’s Blessings.  Jacob begins by doing this but then goes further in trying to declare his righteousness.  Just pointing to God should be enough…

Jacob now begins the journey towards the land of his fore-fathers and into the land of promise. Waiting for him is his past.  Let’s remember that things don’t disappear just because of physical relocation.  

Rachel’s carrying away of the family ‘idol’ has a worrisome consequence beyond her father’s fury.  What caused her to carry away a false belief into her new family?  Why and how might we do the same at times?  

Before Jacob would re-enter this land, God would wrestle away his old nature of deception (the meaning of the name Jacob) and give to Him a new name (Israel) which would become the name of the nation of Promise.  God would slow Jacob down by touching his hip.  In what ways has God slowed you down and for what purpose? 


Lord, help me to be resistant to sin and self rather than resistant to you.  

Extra Discovery

Here is a great reference to Jacob’s Struggle with God:



Jacob heading toward the land of promise is a vital component in the overall story of redemption in the Scriptures.  We see him setting his family apart which allows them to grow and flourish apart from other pagan peoples.