3:16 Plan - Day 1 - Week 5 - Year 1 - Genesis 41-42

God often uses our experiences to prepare us for greater things in the future. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Lord, help me to understand that every experience you allow me to endure is for Your glory and my good. 

Read - Genesis 41-42 - 



Two years pass, and the Pharaoh begins having troublesome dreams that seemingly cannot be interpreted.  The cup-bearer remembers Joseph’s handy dream interpretation service (and his promise) and tells Pharaoh about him.  God has been preparing Joseph all along to hear His voice in his dreams so that he could handle this moment!  How has God prepared you for what you now do? 

The smart preparation that Joseph outlines for Egypt gets him a job and his freedom.  All that from listening to God?  Maybe we wait at the mailbox or with our hand out too often…what if we applied God’s wisdom to our lives whether in our family or in our workplace?

If famine hit your home today and stayed for seven years would you be prepared?  What if the days we are living in are ‘days of plenty’ where we should try and prepare for tougher times?

Chapter 42 parallels the lack of wisdom in Joseph’s brothers with his own (given by God).  His brothers journey to Egypt not knowing it would become a family reunion and not knowing that they could face terrible consequences for their actions.  As we read of this encounter, what caused Joseph to not reveal his identity and why?  


Lord, as I submit to your plan for my life please give me wisdom. 

Extra Discovery

There are many Egyptian artifacts and historical documents.  A wall painting from 1900 BC shows an interesting view as to what Joseph’s family looked like as they came to Egypt to buy grain.  


The Famine is a picture of the consequence of our sin (Marring).  Israel coming to Egypt for help did save it temporarily but with consequence (see Exodus).  During these years, Israel would grow from a rag-tag group of dysfunctional family to a mighty nation.