3:16 Plan - Week 42 - Day 2 - Year 1 - 11 Kings 13:1-14:24, 2 Chronicles 12:13-14, 2 Chronicles 11:18-23

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

James 4:10 - Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

Read - 1 Kings 13:1-14:24, 2 Chronicles 12:13-14, 2 Chronicles 11:18-23



The prophet from Judah obeys God and delivers a tough message to the King of Israel that is accompanied by signs and wonders.   He obeys God by not eating or staying with the King.  He then falls into a trap when another prophet convinces him to stay and eat with him because ‘he heard it from an angel’.  Do not rely upon another person hearing from God for you.  Trust that God can speak to you through His Word and by His Spirit.  Yes, that may happen as the Word is preached, sung or prayed.  Yes, that may be confirmed by the word of another follower of Christ but the God that spoke His Word to you is also good enough to give you clarity that need not be confused by contradictions from another. 


Lord, I trust that You will guide me in Your Truth by Your Word and Your Spirit.  

Extra Discovery

The Prophetic glimpse of the reign of Josiah will be confirmed generations later in 2 Kings 22-23. 


Where does knowledge of God come from?  God!  Yes, He may use many means to demonstrate that to you but you won’t get it by osmosis or proxy.  God can speak to you.  This is a gift of His Grace.  The Word of God is alive and is filled with direct revelation that you can read today and apply today.  In your search of Knowing God don’t be misled by the Enemy to simply try and take what He speaks to another and import it into your life.  Certainly, there are common truths that are for us all but when seeking out your purpose and meaning you must seek Him with all your heart.