3:16 Plan - Week 42 - Day 3 - Year 1 - 1 Kings 14:25-31, 2 Chronicles 12:1-12; 15-16

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

2 Chronicles 12:8 - So that they will know the difference between serving me and serving earthly rulers. 

Read - 1 Kings 14:25-31, 2 Chronicles 12:1-12; 15-16



God utilized an evil nation to discipline His own people.  Similarly, sin is not caused by God…nor are the consequences of it…yet God will use those consequences as a form of discipline to bring humility and repentance to His people.  


Lord, help me to humble myself without having to face the direct consequences of pride and sin. 

Extra Discovery

Interesting that the first nation to be used to teach Israel would be Egypt…the harsh taskmasters who had last enslaved this people.  Read Exodus 1 to refresh yourself on that horrible time. 


Rehoboam was deceived into abandoning The Lord.  Satan attacked a leader knowing that a leader influenced many…just as a parent influences of family.  When a leader is deceived like this they are taking a road of destruction and potentially leaders others onto that road.  God wants us to know His will and way so that the deceptions of this world don’t hinder us.  Christ died so that we might live in His light and never wander astray again.