3:16 Plan - Week 40 - Day 1 - Proverbs 10-13

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Proverbs 10:3 - The Lord will not let the Godly go hungry.

Read - Proverbs 10-13



Each verse in today’s reading can be practically applied but do so carefully.  As you take a verse of scripture, always keep in mind the grand narrative of Scripture.  For instance, you could take Proverbs 10:2 out of context when you read ‘right living can save your life’.  There is a good application to earthly living and choosing the right things…but you wouldn’t want to place that same thought upon salvation when the grand narrative of scripture clearly teaches that salvation comes through grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone.  


Lord, help my mouth to give wise advice. 

Extra Discovery

There is safety in many counselors per Proverbs 11.  Consider the title given to the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John 14-16 and Isaiah 6 (Counselor). 


At its most practical level, these Proverbs are giving counsel to us on how to navigate the interrelationship between God, Man and God’s Creation.  There are Theological thoughts (about the nature of God), Sociological thoughts (about how man relates to man) and Physical/Vocational thoughts (how man will live out his days and work or serve).  This gives us the basis for understanding God’s Plan for us.  God cares for each of these things and desires us to live wisely and with integrity.