3:16 Plan - Week 46 - Day 2 - Year 1 - Amos 4-6

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Amos 5:6 - Come back to the LORD and live! Otherwise, he will roar through Israel like a fire, devouring you completely. 

Read - Amos 4-6



National Pride was high because things like wealth and comfort were in place.  God’s Word through Amos is that things were not as they seemed.  The heart of the nation had turned from God for generations.  God was calling the people to return to Him and they would not.  For Israel to be usable to God they must once again fall into judgment.  This time, judgment would come in the form of defeat that would end in oppression and captivity.  Only a remnant would survive and only then by the grace of God.  This remnant would find its way out of oppression physically but would wait centuries to see how God was going to release them from spiritual captivity.  The answer - Jesus!


Lord, give me ears to hear Your warnings in my life. 

Extra Discovery

Amos is prophesying about the ‘Day of The Lord’…speaking of judgment.  Read 2 Peter 3 to see what keeps God’s Day of Judgement from happening just yet.


Amos 5:19 - To run from God is not a fruitful endeavor.  Just like Jonah, we must learn that we cannot outrun the Almighty.  God is omnipresent…so He is already at the place we would run to!  As described in this verse, disobedience is like running from something only to find something worse.  One of the big changes that God’s Holy Spirit can make in the life of the follower of Christ is to change our minds in this critical area - to run To God rather than run From God.