3:16 Plan - Week 44 - Day 4 - Year 1 - 2 Kings 2:1-25, 2 Kings 4:1-37

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

2 Kings 2:9 -Please let me inherit a double share…

Read - 2 Kings 2:1-25, 2 Kings 4:1-37



Elisha’s mentor is Elijah.  For a time, it doesn’t appear that he did much more than watch Elijah do the work.  Then comes a time of transition where Elijah is miraculously taken to heaven and Elisha steps into the role of prophet of Israel.  In today’s vernacular, we would say Elijah mentored Elisha.  Do you have a mentor?  Someone who has permission to lead you?  


Lord, give me the humility to be willing to learn at someone else’s feet. 

Extra Discovery

Why did God take Elijah to heaven? https://www.gotquestions.org/Enoch-Elijah.html 


Asking is a big thing.  To ask God for something should be an everyday part of the Christian life.  However, many times we ask wrongly (see James 1:5-8).  However, we will ask and receive much better when we know God’s will and ways.  Seeking God’s will before an while asking brings us into a better perspective to know what we are asking for…like Elisha asking for a double portion of the spirit of God that had been upon Elijah.  By the way, Elijah performed 14 miracles listed in scripture.  Do you know how many Elisha did? 28! Ask!