3:16 Plan - Day 2 - Week 6 - Year 1 - Job 2

When practicing ‘the ministry of presence’ , silence can communicate loudly. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Psalm 119: 114 You are my refuge and my shield; your word is my source of hope. 

Read - Job 2 - 



Satan carries a name and a reputation of being ‘the accuser’.  Here we see his second accusation and attack upon Job.  His accusations and attacks have no good in them although God can use even his evil and prideful ways to bring about good for each of us.  

Job is attacked physically in a way that sounds excruciating.  His breaking point proves to be further than most.  However, his wife struggles to see him suffer in this way.  Clearly, her faith is not in the same spot as his.  What is most helpful in the time of trouble?  Encouragement to persevere or encouragement to ‘end it all’?  I know this seems a silly question, but apply it to how you handle tough stuff in the lives of those you love. 

Job’s perspective is powerful.  He willingly accepts these plagues as if God must have something for him within them.  That is well rounded faith.   

Job’s ‘three friends’ begin their care for him in a fabulous way.  They don’t know what to say so they simply show him ‘they are there for him’.  We put too much stock in having the right words when, at times, no words will suffice.  Just be there!


Lord, I do not ask for any ‘bad things’ and I actually ask you to protect me from such things, however, when trouble comes, help me to be faithful.

Extra Discovery

Consider how the tormenting of Job carries similarities to the temptation of Jesus in Luke 4. 


Note the difference in faith between Job and his wife.  We don’t know much about her but we can infer from her statement to Job (Curse God and Die) that she didn’t ‘Know, Love, nor Serve God’ in the same way that her husband did.