3:16 Plan - Day 2 - Week 10 - Year 1 - Exodus 13-14

Those whom The Lord sets free are free indeed!

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Psalm 119:105 - Your Word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. 

Read - Exodus 13-14



Often, God is seen as a ‘no-fun’ type of dictator.  It is hard to look at the festivals established (like Passover in this text) and think that.  This would be a huge celebration and it’s point - remembering when God gave His people freedom from slavery!

When God led this people out He had them bypass the Philistine’s because He knew they were not yet strong enough ‘in-mind’ to deal with a battle so fresh out of slavery.  This is a gracious leader.  We can apply this to how we work with new people in work, church or even young folks at home.

The guidance in the ‘cloud by day’ and ‘pillar of fire by night’ is a wonderful picture of our Psalm 119 Prayer today.  

Pharaoh chasing after Israel is a fair picture of how the enemy pursues you even after set free from sin.  God’s final judgement is a wonderful reminder that when you are ‘His’ you need not worry.  When there is trouble all around you, look up and ask God for help!


Lord, I accept the freedom you have given me in Christ and I ask you to help me to celebrate it. 

Extra Discovery

Interested in proof for the Exodus?  Here is an interesting article and review on a movie you and your family might enjoy:



Israel had not been close to God nor deep in faith for over 400 years.  This ‘coming out of Egypt’ time would be a time of them coming ‘To Know God’ all over again.  Coming to ‘Know God’ is always humbling but also always thrilling…even if there are bumps in the road.