3:16 Plan - Day 2 - Week 12 - Year 1 - Exodus 33-34

When God says ‘Move’, have no doubt that He is going before you!

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Lord, if You will go before me then I trust that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

Read - Exodus 33-34



Moses and Joshua spent time very close to God.  That closeness actually inspired them to want more closeness.  That is what happens.  Once we ‘taste and see that The Lord is good’ we aren’t interested in tasting other things.  God graciously outlines a way that Moses can see God’s Glory but not His face.

God reveals Himself to Moses in the second giving of the law (the ten commandments).  Moses begs for Him to go with the people.  God agrees to do so in Covenant fashion by laying out clear terms of obedience for Israel.  

The people knew that Moses had been with God because of the glow on his face.  Like . wise, our closeness to God should chase our demeanor, appearance, countenance, etc.  


Lord, often times I have done things that I didn’t want you to be a part of…help me to do nothing that isn’t led by You!

Extra Discovery

Did Moses see God face to face or not?  



Repetition is part of revelation for us.  God re-enforces the Covenant and the Law in Moses’ encounter with Him.  Moses would have this encounter as a remembrance and would even be able to pass it on to others including you and me via the Scriptures.  Don’t grow weary with repetition.  Be thankful that God Loves you enough and cares about you Knowing Him that He is willing to patiently re-enforce things.