3:16 Plan - Day 4 - Week 12 - Year 1 - Exodus 37-38

Kingdom work does take resources to accomplish but none greater than time.

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Lord, give me an excitement about serving you with my hands that is as great as the one you give my heart and mind. 

Read - Exodus 37-38



Bezalel continues to ‘make everything just as The LORD had commanded Moses’.  As a project lingers on, we can tend to slack up on quality.  When that slack represents our ministry (and it always does) we should be very careful.  Perseverance will glorify God!


Lord Your worth is valued by much more than gold and sliver.  Help me to see it. 

Extra Discovery

2,193 Pounds of Gold?  Measured by the Sanctuary Shekel…what is that?   



When God calls us to serve Him with our hands then we will find great joy in that ministry!