3:16 Plan - Day 2 - Week 9 - Year 1 - Exodus 3-4

Discovering your gifts is daunting but using them can be even more-so. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Lord, reveal to me the purposes for which You have created me and give me an obedient heart to accept that with joy.

Read - Exodus 3-4



The burning bush, where God revealed Himself and His Plan to Moses, was a miraculous encounter to confirm Moses’ faith in the One True God.  God would then give Moses further confirmations that he was to use to confirm the faith of the Israelites and even to show God to the Egyptians.  What confirmations of faith has God given to you? 

God reveals Himself as I Am.  This is an eternal name that Jesus would later use at least 7 times for Himself. Self-existent and self-sufficient, we can rest in the Knowledge of this Amazing God.  In a world of ‘many gods’, Egypt would have struggled with the idea of ‘One’ God.  

Moses is told what his purpose is - to be used by God to rescue Israel.  It scares him to the point of making excuses.  God finally shows anger at his excuses and allows Aaron to serve as his mouthpiece.  Do we ever anger God when we resist our purpose?

Why did God decide to destroy Moses?  It was likely because he had resisted having his sons circumcised - a sign of their faith and the covenant promises of God.  As soon as this is done, God relents.  


Lord, Your holiness requires my reverence.  Your commands require my obedience.  Help me. 

Extra Discovery

Where was Mt. Sinai - the mountain of God?  https://www.gotquestions.org/mount-Sinai.html 


In our quest for Knowing God, we must see He is the Only God - not one of many.  All other ideas of deity of false.  To have Knowledge of the Holy is to rest upon ‘The Great I Am’.