3:16 Plan - Day 4 - Week 9 - Year 1 - Exodus 7-8

The Christian fights a powerful enemy but not an equal enemy. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Lord, in the spiritual battle of my life, help me to trust You even if the enemy is attacking.  Help my faith in You to overcome any fear I have. 

Read - Exodus 7-8



God sends plagues to Egypt.  At first, the ‘secret arts’ of the Egyptians would be able to reproduce these signs/plagues.  However, once we get to the 3rd plague (Gnats), even they attest that this must be ‘The Finger of God’.  This is part of the purpose in these signs…to reveal Himself to all in Egypt.  

Pharaoh’s heart is hard.  God told Moses it would happen and even told him that He would harden it at a certain point.  We rarely need God’s help in being stubborn but, at times, God may give us an extra hard heart when it serves His purposes more for us to be stubborn.  Another way of saying that is that God might choose to use our evil tendency as an instrument if we are not willing to be used in an obedient way. 


Lord, help me not to be stubborn like Pharoah. 

Extra Discovery

Luke 11:20 shows Jesus speaking about using ‘The Finger of God’ in a time of healing. 


Sin runs deep in Egypt.  One plague won’t do it…9 won’t either.  Sometimes, our Mending comes after we hear the Good News repetitively.  Research shows it typically takes a person hearing the Gospel 7-8 times before it clicks.  Therefore, each 10 plagues were partly God’s Grace in revealing Himself.