3:16 Plan - Week 17 - Day 4 - Year 1 - Deuteronomy 11-14

Partial Obedience is still disobedience! 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Psalm 108:3-4 - I will thank you, LORD, among all the people. I will sing your praises among the nations.

Read - Deuteronomy 11-14



Chapter 11 teaches the people to keep the ‘whole’ commandments to see the ‘whole’ promise.  

Chapter 12 is a call to destroy idolatry and the places it resides.  This was a physical destruction then but is a spiritual destruction now.  However, there may be some physical things we need to destroy to aid in that spiritual commitment to God.  Similarly, Chapter 13 is a call to destroy false prophet’s.  This is equivalent to destroying false doctrines in our own heart and church.  


Lord, I choose to restrict access to things that could be idols as well as things that could lead me to false beliefs!

Extra Discovery

Taken from sections of scripture like Chapter 14, The Maker’s Diet is an eating regimen based upon Old Testament restrictions: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/meet-makers-diet#1 


These passages give another picture of the deceptive nature of our enemy and how God protectively commands us away from it.  Instead of Knowing God, the enemy gives ‘another way’.  Instead of Loving God, the enemy provides many distractions to occupy our heart.  Instead of Obediently serving God, the enemy lays out new ways to serve, but rather than serving God these new ways serve him or our own appetites.