3:16 Plan - Week 19 - Day 3 - Year 1 - Joshua 4-5

Leave a trail of faith behind you that others may follow...likely, someone did this for you.

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Psalm 103:2 - Bless The LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.

Read - Joshua 4-5



Aren't you thankful for people who went before you and left bread crumbs of their faith journey?  It could be a journal or even a letter or a Social Media post or blog. Here are a few in today's text:

  1. 12 Stones remembering God parting the waters.
  2. The trail of rumor and hearsay that put fear in the hearts of enemy kings.
  3. The new flint knives used to bring these new Israelite warriors into Covenant obedience through circumcision.

The people could now produce their own food from the land God had sworn to give them and the manna stopped. Imagine theirs frustration if they hadn't caught on to the fact that God was now providing for them in a new way. Let's always be ready to follow God so that we don't fin ourselves hungry.


Lord, help me to leave a lasting legacy of faith for my family and others to follow.

Extra Discovery

Good thoughts on the significance of the 12 stones and the Sea crossing: 



God once again shows the harmonious relationship between His love for His people and His use for the world He created. Circumcision would be the faith sign for the young Israelites in their love for their God. 12 stones would stand as a sign of faithful remembrance for the mighty acts that God would use to deliver, provide and protect His people. Many times that protection came through God's use of the worldly elements like causing the sea to stand in a heap so they could pass safely.