3:16 Plan - Week 17 - Day 2 - Year 1 - Deuteronomy 4-6

Israel - the original ‘One Nation Under God’.   

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Psalm 84:1-2 - How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD of Heaven's Armies.  I long, yes, I faint with longing to enter the courts of the LORD. With my whole being, body and soul, I will shout joyfully to the living God.

Read - Deuteronomy 4-6



Deut 4:7-8 gives another significant purpose in all of these laws…so that the people would be set apart as a great nation.  The laws would show the care and interest of their God in their well being.  4:9 gives us a great thought when it tells us to keep our soul diligently.  Soul keeping was and is the biggest part of lining up our will with God’s will. 

Deut 4:19 tells us to guard against what we worship and to include God’s Creation as something that we beware not to worship.  Certainly we can look at God’s handiwork and Worship Him but let us never lift up the Creation above the Creator. 

Deut 6 gives us a powerful glimpse of a parenting model that works!  Keeping your children in The Word is, and always will be, priority one in raising up kids. 


Lord, help me to pour into my family’s spiritual health with the same enthusiasm you outline in these texts. 

Extra Discovery

Deut 4:26-28 is a hard prophetic glimpse of Israel’s future.  Although they are going to the promised land, God, in His Omniscience, knows they will rebel and fall away and be scattered. Yet, God still has eternal plans for Israel: 



Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 both list the Big Ten Commandments.  Remembering how valuable those first four commands are in Knowing and Loving God is vital.  Considering how important those next six commands are for Loving others and serving both God and man is key as well.