3:16 Plan - Week 31 - Day 1 - Year 1 - 2 Samuel 24:1-17, 1 Chronicles 21:1-17

Resting in God’s provision and protection means you have an army fighting for you too big to count. 

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Psalm 119:65 You have done many good things for me, LORD, just as you promised. 66 I believe in your commands; now teach me good judgment and knowledge.

Read - 2 Samuel 24:1-17, 1 Chronicles 21:1-17



David is caught in a war of wills: his, Satan’s and God’s.  This is always true for each of us.  God’s will is that David would trust in His might rather than in the might of his army of 1.3 million soldiers.  Satan’s will is at work deceiving David into thinking he has a power of his own and need not depend upon The Lord.  David chooses (and God allows) to count the people and is judged for doing so.  God allowed David to sin and God allows us to sin.  This text is a great one to see how we often need to splice together multiple accounts in God’s Word to get all the insight we need to.  1 Chronicles says Satan caused David to do this…and he did.  2 Samuel says God caused David to do this…and He did.  How can they both be true?  If God is Sovereign then we must ultimately realize that He either allows or causes every single thing on the planet.  At times, that means that he causes us to be able to choose sin because that is where our heart is stuck and where He will communicate His Way to us.  I prefer not to learn through my mistakes but it happens…


Lord, please help me to resist the temptations of Satan and stay committed to You. 

Extra Discovery

Read James Chapter 1 to discover what God says about temptations and testing.  


Certainly, light and darkness are always at work simultaneously and in opposition to one another.  God and Satan are always at work as well.  Here, David is deceived by Satan to take this census and God allows it knowingly.  He is at work teaching David and the nation and this census will be used to draw them into a more Knowing relationship with God that is more obedient in its actions.