3:16 Plan - Week 44 - Day 3 - Year 2 - Matthew 18:1-11, Mark 9:33-50, Luke 9:46-50

Don’t worry about who is the greatest or who is the worst in the Kingdom….just be thankful you are in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word 

Mark 9:34 - They had been arguing about which of them was the greatest. 

Read - Matthew 18:1–11; Mark 9:33–50; Luke 9:46–50



There are many distractions in the world.  Simple and resolute faith keeps us from many of them and keeps us earnestly seeking only what God desires for us.  When we become aware of distractions, seeking to eliminate them is a key to our spiritual health. 


Lord, I will eliminate the distracting forces in my life so my faith can grow. 

Extra Discovery



Temptations are inevitable.  Many of them come from the Misleading devices of Satan.  We are in great danger when we become tools of the devil by leading others into temptation.  As Christ-followers, we are called to lead ourselves and others towards holy living.