3:16 Plan - Week 7 - Day 4 - Year 2 - Isaiah 42-44

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Isaiah 42:6-7 -  And you will be a light to guide the nations. 7 You will open the eyes of the blind. You will free the captives from prison, releasing those who sit in dark dungeons.

Read - Isaiah 42-44



How many God’s are there? Hindus say over 200,000.  Agnostics say maybe one or more.  Isaiah 44:6 says there is ‘no other God’.  Everything else is an idol.  A cheap imitation.  A competitor for the time and allegiance the ‘One true God’ asks for and deserves. 


Lord, I will not give worship to any idol.

Extra Discovery

Read Matthew 12:15-21 to see how Isaiah 42:1-7 are attributed to a messianic prophecy.


From Eternity to Eternity I am God (Isaiah 43:13).  Eternity past before he made the world and us…Eternity future when we Marvel in His Majesty.  God is eternal and powerful and this same eternal God says ‘no one can snatch you from His hand’.  Now that is secure.  That is assured.  Rest in Him!