3:16 Plan - Week 8 - Day 3 - Year 2 - Isaiah 53

Pray The Word and Prepare for The Word

Isaiah 53:3 - It was our weakness He carried…

Read - Isaiah 53



I have never owned a sheep but I have had several dogs with the same tendency to ‘stray away’ or ‘follow their own path’.  I also am reminded of several times in my own life where I had those same attributes.  Strangely, I was tempted to just let those animals go when they strayed from my direction.  God is better than me.  When man strays, He sacrifices…to be specific…He gives the ultimate singular sacrifice with the the ability to put us back into ‘wholeness’ and set our feet back on the path.  The Shepherd calls to us (His Sheep) and says ‘I love you this much…’


Lord, Your sacrifice inspires me to sacrificial living. 

Extra Discovery

Reading the gospels you will find that Isaiah 53 was perfectly fulfilled in the life of Jesus. 


To be Mended by Christ is something we look back and remember.  We remember a time 2000 years ago that Jesus did the work to pay for our salvation.  As we read Isaiah 53, we remember that this was written 700 years before the life of Jesus in a time when people could only look forward to a Savior.  Thank God He gives us this glimpse of what Jesus would endure so that when it happened our faith could be strengthened in Him so that we would be ready to receive His Mending!